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Evan Garber aka EMGarber

Ever since Evan was young, he had this creative outlook on life. The mindset of always changing the normal perspective into something vastly different. With this creativity, he was able chase his dreams of doing what he loves, which is designing and creating. This led Evan to graduating college with a mechanical engineering degree and working in the field doing exactly that, designing, creating and watching his ideas become reality!

Until a couple years later an app called Snapchat would change his life...

Evan was using Snapchat like everyone else sending snaps to his friends to stay entertained during the day, except he would always draw on top of his pictures to get creative or to make everyone laugh. After a few weeks of drawing on his snaps everyday, he started to realize his illustrations were becoming extremely good so he start to post his work on all other social platforms outside of Snapchat. This is when his art was noticed as something unique being created on the platform which then articles were written about it. With this publicity in the early days of Snapchat, he was noticed as one of the first creators on the platform!

As the platform grew as well as his audience, he started to create stories that were highly engaging with his fans. Realizing the potential of Snapchat, holding onto the short attention span of today's younger generation, he wanted to help brands build their story on Snapchat... so he set off to do just that, putting his engineering career to the side to become one of the first full time Snapchatters!

Because of this popularity, Evan has been someone who brands reach out to to partner for content creation, social strategy, speaking, workshops and sharing his story and positive messages. Currently Evan is still creating Snapchat content on a daily basis and spreading a positive outlook on life. As he always says, there is always something in each day that you can smile about, you just have to find it!

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