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Invited by Disney to take over the Walt Disney World Snapchat account to kick off the Coolest Summer Ever 24 hour event over Memorial Day weekend. Created 3 Snapchat stories highlighting main attractions and new events around the parks. Conceptualized a unique story line of bringing Disney to Life with Shonduras that incorporated art and creativity.

EMGarber and GE have shared a perfect partnership where both backgrounds evolved from science and engineering. EMGarber was the host of Project Garages, an international Periscope live broadcast series that gives an exclusive look into the lives and workplaces of the world’s most interesting inventors with the aim to show that innovation can come from anyone, anywhere.

Worked along side AT&T for a variety of projects ranging from creating the first scripted series (Snapperhero) airing exclusively on Snapchat to delivering a 4 day behind the scenes experiences around the NCAA Final Four. If you want to see what celebrities such as Shaq, Scott Pippen, Panic At the Disco are doing off script then join EMGarber for these adventures!

Nintendo had EMGarber leverage the popularity of the “Do a Barrel Roll” internet meme to re-engage fans of the franchise by creating a campaign challenging fans to show situations where people can use a “barrel roll” to escape mundane and humorous situations in real life. Fans engaged on showcasing how doing a “barrel roll” can be parodied as a fix for all types of problems.

When you want breakfast all day, you invite EMGarber and Brody Jenner to serve it from their McRig at the Daytona 500. EMGarber took over the McDonald's Snapchat account to create an adventure serving the best meal of the day to hungry Nascar fans, to the McDonalds pit crew and to Jamie McMurray himself!

In today's culture, people are skipping lunch but Subway wanted to put an end to that! Getting creative with EMGarber, an interactive story was create where custom responses were sent to fans who needed a hilarious reason to get out of the office and save their lunch break!

Intel understands that EMGarber and his fans all love technology, creativity and adventures so they sent him to Bonnaroo! When EMGarber heard that Conflict Minerals was an important issue he jump on-board to help spread awareness to the people that use the products and that can help diminish the problem.

When a brand wants to explore new styles of content, they come to EMGarber! Taking over Coach's Snapchat channel, he introduced a new artistic style to their audience by creating a story based on a character from their new product line.

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In an increasingly saturated social media environment, the Minnesota Vikings are always in search of clever, unique ways to capture their fans' attention. That's where EMGarber partnered with the Vikings to create Skol Scribbles! Game highlight images are illustrated into a theme based on ideas inspired from our fans, creating the digital equivalent to the coloring books that everyone grew up with as a child.

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